Odinsdottir carries a selection of fine handcrafted items: Wooden Rune Sticks & Stones, Wooden Staffs & Wands, Handcrafted Musical Instruments, Fine Copper & Semi Precious Stone Jewellery (Midgard Metal Works), Resin Incense & Sage. We also carry fine ground Woad for body painting.

All products are locally crafted. Wooden items created by Seika Groves & Edd Scorpio. Jewellery crafted by Copper Otter of Midgard Metal Works. Resin Incense and woad are of the highest quality, hand harvested and imported. Most of our product is available for sale at events we attend (in S. Ontario, Canada), although we are able to sell through the internet if we have stock. If you are interested in any of our handcrafted items please contact us or check our News & Events page for upcoming events we are attending.

Please note: displayed items may not be exactly as shown, or even available.