Hi Seika, I just wanted to say a special thank you for the wonderful day yesterday as you certainly helped to make our day very successful and everyone who had their tea leaves read said that you were “Spot On” with your readings! Thank you so much, you were great! I look forward to getting in touch again soon. Kindest Regards,
Terri-Lynn R.
Thank You for your time the other day. I had no idea I would be coming to you but it was what the spirits guided me to do. I plan to return to Sudbury and family and end the path of self destructive behaviour. I believe my ancestors have something to show me and your reading has helped me find my way home.
Seika you were incredible. Thank you again for attending our Ladies Night get together. We thought it would be fun to have our fortunes told.  Little did we know that they would be so accurate.
Kay Winslow
Just wanted to send a big thank you to Seika for sharing her knowledge and her generous spirit with me today. You helped me so much to understand my mother’s death experience and to be more at peace with myself. I left your shop feeling calm, focused and energized. I’m so thankful that I found you. It was such a wonderful experience.
Nancy F.
Thank you for all your hard work and energy at my daughter’s bridal shower. I can’t believe you did over 45 tea leaf readings in 2 hours and everyone loved it.  My daughter was so excited when she found out I had arranged this for her.
Betty K.